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The Many Kinds of Cloth
Many people get pretty overwhelmed when they delve into the vast world of cloth diapers. If you have never Googled the words ‘cloth’ and ‘diaper’ together, then you have no idea what I’m talking about. Remember those discount canada goose mystique ladies parka that looked like folded napkins safety pinned around a baby bum? Yeah, that’s not exactly how discount canada goose mystique ladies parka works anymore, though it’s still an option!

These days there is an amazing (if not overwhelming) assortment of different kinds of cloth diapers for you to decide what works best for you; fit wise, ease of cleaning wise, and budget wise.

We’ll go over the main different kinds of cloth diapers, as well as some of the brand names that are associated with them. Hold onto your seat, folks; it’s a lot to learn!

Pocket Diapers- If I had to make an assumption, I would assume these to be the most popular, or at least commonly used, cloth diapers out there. It is my favorite style of diaper and makes up most of our stash. Pocket diapers are a two part system: the waterproof diaper and an insert. The diaper has a ‘pocket’ (hence the name) where the insert goes. The pocket is typically made of fleece which wicks away moisture and keeps the baby from feeling wet as well as helping to keep diaper rashes away. For washing, the insert is removed which helps with washing and quicker drying. You can use practically anything as an insert, because the baby’s skin is protected by the layer of fleece of the pocket. Microfiber (MF) is perhaps the most common as it is cheap, very absorbent, and relatively thin. There are many, many different brands, Fuzzi Bunz and bumGenius being two of the more popular name brands. Alva and Sunbaby are two very common pocket diaper brands that are imported and typically purchased through co-ops. Most pocket diapers are one size that has either elastic or snaps to adjust to fit your baby. Some brands offer two sizes, which allow them to better fit newborns and older toddlers.

All In Ones (AIO)- These are literally just like a disposable diaper that you can wash. It’s a one piece, waterproof system that you strap on and then throw in the washer instead of the trash. No need to stuff pockets or remove soiled inserts to wash. Some may consider AIOs the easiest kind of diaper because there aren’t any extra steps, but personally, I have found them to be more difficult to nail down a wash routine with (since the insert doesn’t come out, it can take a little more to get the diaper really clean) and they take a loooooong time to dry. For those who may not be excited about cloth diapers as you are (dad, grandma, day care workers) this can be a great option because you’re not asking them to do anything extra but just not throw it away. bumGenius, Blueberry, and GroVia are some popular All In One brands.

Hybrids- A multiple piece system with different options; a reusable cloth insert OR a disposable (typically biodegradable or even flushable!) insert that lays in a reusable, waterproof cover. The disposable inserts typically cost as much or more than diapers, but for the environmentally conscious folk, it’s a much more responsible choice. Some people love hybrid systems because they can chose cloth for home and disposable inserts when they’re out and about. Regardless of which insert you’re using, because the inserts lay in the cover as opposed to being inside a pocket, the cover can be reused unless it’s obviously soiled. You do have to be careful what cloth inserts you use as the insert sits directly against the baby’s skin. Popular hybrid brands are Flip, G Diapers, and GroVia.

Diaper Covers with prefolds or fitteds- This is kind of the category everything else falls into. You take a simple, waterproof diaper cover, and stuff it with anything. Prefolds are the old style diapers our parents probably wore, or even what you use as burp cloths now. There are multiple styles of folds you can use and different closures (regular old safety pins or snappis, which look like a Y and stretches with grippy little fingers to hold the sides of the diaper together around the baby). Fitteds are non-waterproof diapers that can either close with snaps or are simply shaped like diapers and can be closed using safety pins, snappis, or even just held together by the cover that goes over it. Any kind of non waterproof diaper will need a cover for an extended period of use. Typically, non waterproof diapers are very breathable, so some parents like to let the kid wear them sans cover for a half hour or so by itself before it becomes saturated enough to need the cover. The nice discount canada goose mystique ladies parka about this kind of diapering is it is very customizable in the fit to help prevent leaks and it can be very easy to wash. The downside is it can be a little more time consuming to put on, and we all know as babies get old they aren’t fond of sitting still for diaper changes! They also tend to be a little more on the bulky side, which can make it hard to find clothes that fit. There is a reason cloth diaper babies look so dang cute in baby legs and a t-shirt! Some popular diaper cover brands are Flip, Thirsties, and Blueberry, and two of the most common fitted brands are