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How To Do What You Love On June 3, I released “Choose Yourself!” and I put on the very first page an offer that has never been put in a book before. I offered to pay people back if buy cheap canada goose jacket boston outlet store proved to me that they bought the book and if they can also… Read more »

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Candy, Culture and Postmodernism Manage bigfoot canada goose shell jacket outlet see your fingers inching towards the yesteryear but a proliferation about borrowing and slipping, hiding and cooking? Execute you detect yourself ineffective to forbid yourself by limiting your caffeine intake? Is coffee the number of the fashionista who botanised on the pavement or in the Parisian passageway? If thence,… Read more »

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From The Desk Of Randy L : Where’s My Number Retirement Ceremony? So, did you all enjoy the dramatic events at the baseball temple known as Yankee Stadium last night? Unless you’re a sad, jealous crank like this blog’s editor (or perhaps a guy who changes sports media jobs more often than normal people change light bulbs) I’m assuming every… Read more »

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Happy Healthy Strong I should go shopping before deciding on the week’s menu, and definitely before posting said menu online. Small hiccup with a number of intended key ingredients being out of season. Cucumber is out and I couldn’t find any red capsicum at my organic grocer (not a fan of the green ones and wont buy non organic capsicum… Read more »

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Your stars for the week from our real Astrogirl Inequality issues regarding significant relationships need addressing under the Full Moon of October 19th. Avoid smothering those closest to canada goose down vest women for sale under the Mercury retrograde from October 20th. Give loved ones their breathing space. You’ll be a hit with your peers under the Lunar Eclipse of… Read more »

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Opinion Piece: I’m on to you, Urban Decay. Urban Decay cosmetics, a high-end company long known and adored for their fantastic colors and safely alternative edge, has been getting heat lately. I’ve been paying close attention, since I have the most ridiculous love-hate relationship with this brand. So now Urban Decay is trying to distract us with pretty things. If… Read more »

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Peter Carroll Photography: The Blog Peter Carroll Photography’s ( print special for April… Prints of my image “New York” are 20% off this month. No need for a discount code as prices for this piece are labelled “April Special” on my website and already reflect the discount price. I love a good documentary. I stumbled across one on Netflix the… Read more »

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New 2014 Tents You are shopping ‘Clothing & Footwear’ Coats & Jackets Fleeces Trousers Coats & Jackets Fleeces Trousers Coats & Jackets Fleeces Trousers You are shopping ‘Tents’ 2014 Kampa Tents 2014 Outwell Tents 2014 Vango Tents 2014 Robens Tents 2014 Vango Airbeam Tents 2014 Gelert Tents 2014 Coleman Tents Vango Tents Vango AirBeam Tents Outwell Tents Kampa Tents Robens… Read more »