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like is attracted to like
I was excited to meet my friend Nathalie for lunch today. She had mentioned the Beanery Cafe in St. Clair Beach to me before, and today I got to experience it.

Nathalie is a dear friend and usually I just see her when I drop off articles for sewing projects/alteration or to pick them up at her house. Today I wanted to treat her to lunch for all the little extras she does for me.

Nathalie is much younger than I; she feels like a daughter to me. She is beautiful inside and out and is artistic and creative. She is a professional, a stickler for presentation. I knew she would take care with how she looked today, and since I am most comfortable dressing casually, canada goose on sale ottawa store made me assess what I would wear with a greater degree of care .

True to form she arrived at the cafe wearing a wide and welcoming smile that said she was happy to see me, sassy boots, black patterned stockings, a short soft purple dress with layered ruffles over her slender shape and a black coat that was the bow on the wrapping. I was happy that I chose to wear my comfortable, warm, black leather pants with a grey wool jacket and a light gray knitted cape with a checkered red, white and black scarf; not as fashion chic as Nathalie, but o.k. for me.

Behind me, halfway through our meal the person sitting there was getting ready to leave, unnoticed until she commented “I almost took your scarf”. I didn’t know who she was talking to, but turned toward the sound of her voice and observed her standing with my scarf in her right hand and the other in her left. They were identical. Until today I had not seen anyone else wearing this scarf. She had grabbed mine from behind her and when she was putting on her coat noticed another scarf in her sleeve.

I found the situation interesting and funny. Funny because I stood in my front hallway an hour before, trying to decide if I should wear the favored grey, black and white scarf I usually wear with my cape, or to change canada goose on sale ottawa store up. I decided to change it up, and by doing so treated myself to a fun happening.

And interesting because of the synchronicity – something presented in a way that would be sure to capture my attention, or someone else’s? As we joined our laughter I could see this caught us all in the element of surprise and wonder, giving my lunch guest goose bumps from the friendly encounter.

Am wondering now if I should have introduced myself to the mother of my twin scarf.

Post script: Sometimes canada goose on sale ottawa store speak to me in metaphor and it was only on waking up laughing the following morning when I ‘got it’. As I navigate the sea of my life and contemplate relationships that fit for me, this event has reminded me that like is attracted to like, and that which I am seeking is also seeking me. Hallelujah!