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Dorothy Johnston
Thanks for your comment, Whispering Gums.

In my most recent post, I’ve added to my remarks about indie reviewing by saying that, in this earlier post, I fail to give sufficient credit to those reviewers like yourself who bring a lifetime’s reading and thinking about books to the task, and whose insights are immensely valuable. This is a necessary corrective, and I should have made the point at the start.
I wonder if you have read the Guardian debate about indie reviewing. (There’s a link to canada goose jackets le baron for sale in my latest post.) I’d be very interested to hear your views on it, if so.
I was trying to argue that, with the decline in paid, ‘professional’ reviews, a decline that looks set to continue, all online reviewers have a responsibility to think carefully about what canada goose jackets le baron for sale write. But canada goose jackets le baron for sale won’t, of course. You are right to be nervous of ‘shoulds’, and I also accept your point that many readers might well prefer less analytical reviews. But I can’t help coming back to that idea of responsibility, in a situation which, as you say, the publishing and reviewing industries are undergoing enormous changes.