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We speak to resident marketing expert and Editor of Marketing Magazine, Peter Roper, about his day job and how he landed the role talking to Australia’s marketing community. We turn the tables and throw a few questions his way. See how he got his start and his thoughts on the future of the journalism industry. 1. Tell us about your day job. My day job is all about content, from chasing opportunities to at some point maybe get some good content, to actually typing out words or shooting video, to massaging or completely reworking other content… that’s one half, but the other half is planning and project management. 2. How did you get into writing and editing? There’s always been…

We know all too well that there can be a stigma placed on adult pleasure products, making canada goose canadian business a bit of a conversational no-go zone. But lets break the ice shall we? We-Vibe is one of our favorite clients here at 360 Immerse and is revolutionising the way we perceive adult products, more specifically vibrators! We-Vibe has been built on a philosophy of reconnecting and reinvigorating the intimacy in relationships; whether canada goose canadian business be after child birth, after a serious illness or overcoming a rut in your relationship. Unlike the traditional ‘sex toy’, We-Vibe aims to build stronger relationships and aims to create a little fun in the bedroom. If for you canada goose canadian business is just simply keeping the intimacy alive in your relationship, We-Vibe has got you covered….